Lifelong email service in Kyoto University is the free forwarding email service for graduates of departments and graduate schools, executives, faculty and staff.
Users will get a Lifelong email address related to the name of Kyoto University,"".
This email address is exclusive to email forwarding, and other email addresses, such as mobile's, home's and office's email addresses will be required as forwarding addresses.
Please referto FAQ for the use qualification and the utilization of the service.


  • 2019年5月24日(金曜日)15:50~2019年5月24日(金曜日)20:45 生涯メールサービスご登録の皆様に以下のメールが送付されました。
  • 2018年5月24日(木)11時頃に生涯メールシステムが稼働するサーバで障害が発生し、転送機能が24日22時17分まで、ウェブサイトが25日11時10分まで停止しておりました。障害中に送信されたメールは復旧後に随時配送されています。ご迷惑をおかけして申し訳ありませんでした。(2018-5-25)
    There was an error in the server which lifelong mail system runs around 11:00am on May.24(Thu).Due to that, the forwarding function was suspended until 22:17 on 24th and the website was suspended until 11:10am on 25th.The mails sent during the failure occured are delivered one by one after the restoration.Sorry for the inconvenience. (May.25,2018)
  • 生涯メールサービスから転送されたメールが、スパム判定される等によりGmailで受信出来ない問題について、生涯メール転送サーバにて対策を行い、現在は状況が改善しております。長期間にわたりご迷惑をおかけして申し訳ありませんでした。(2018-3-27)
    For the issue that the forwarded mails from lifelong email service couldn't be received in Gmail due to the judgement of SPAM, we had carried out the measure in forwarding server of lifelong email and it's restored now. Sorry for the inconvenience for a long time.(Mar.27,2018)
  • 転送先にGmailアドレスを登録されている方に、正しく転送されているにも関わらず転送先エラー通知が送信される不具合が発生しています。エラー通知が届きましてもGmailで生涯メールアドレス宛のメールを受信できている場合は転送先変更の必要はありません。
    There are the errors that the error notification to the forwarding address is sent to those who register their Gmail address as a forwarding address even if the mails are forwarded correctly. If you receive the mails to lifelong mail address in Gmail,you don't have to change the forwarding mail address even if you receive the error notification.
    Now we are investigating the causes for the troubles. Sorry for the inconvenience.(Jan.10,2018)
  • 2017年8月18日、データ修正の際に意図せずに、現職教職員の方でまだ有効化処理されていない方に有効化キーお知らせのメールが2回送信されてしまいました。
    The notification mail for activation was sent twice to those who had not finished their activation without any intension in amending the data of lifelong mail system on Aug.18,2017.
    (The correct activation key was written in the second mail.)
    Sorry for the confusion.(August.21,2017)
  • メンテナンスのためサービスを一時停止いたします。
    The service will be terminated on the following date and time due to the maintenance.
    停止期間/Date and time:2017-6-28 8:00~9:00

    ※Emails sent to lifelong email address during the maintenance will be delivered in order after the service resumes.
  • 2017年度新入生のみなさまあてに、京都大学生涯メールの有効化キーをKUMOIアドレス宛にお送りしました。
    The activation key for the lifelong mail of Kyoto Universiity was sent to the KUMOI mail address of the new students of FY2017.
    Please use it after the activation process.(May.17,2017)
  • メンテナンスのためサービスを一時停止いたします
    The service will be terminated on the following date and time due to the maintenance.
    停止期間/Date and time:2016-12-5 8:00~13:30
    ※Emails sent to lifelong email address during the maintenance will be delivered in order after the service resumes.
  • 2016(平成28)年6月から、卒業生等の皆様の利用申請受付を開始しました。(2016-06-01)
    From June 2016, we started to receive applications from the graduates etc. (Jun.1,2016)
  • 京都大学生涯メールサービスを2016(平成28)年2月に開始しました。
    Kyoto University started providing Lifelong email service as of Feb, 2016.
    The activation keys for new students will be sent in May.
    We are planning to provide the service for alumnae and alumni around June.(Feb.1,2016)